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Spotlight on the Diverse Dipladenia!
We are proud to be one of the few garden shops in the area that offer this star-shaped beauty!    This tropical vine provides a nonstop bounty of huge pink trumpet shaped flowers all summer long.  

Quantities of fragrant flowers compensate for sparse foliage and for the care dipladenias require. The flowers are produced in early summer and again in early fall, even when plants are very young.  Be sure to provide at least half a day of sun.  

Grower's Tip!  Pinch off tips of new stems to induce dense growth.

They can be brought indoors before the first freeze and treated as a houseplant during the winter months.  In the spring, dipladenias can be returned outside after the last spring freeze or after the threat of freezing weather has passed.

Stop by and pick out your dipladenias before the summer rush!
Dipladenias are great trellised in containers or in hanging baskets. 
​They will fit perfectly on a deck or balcony. Plant as ground cover or along fences!  Let them drip from an arbor or garland your front porch or entryway.  Try a fan's favorite of growing them up lamp and mailbox posts.